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Learn the 4A's to Landing More Leads

What if you could be bringing in more leads and making more sales with just a little extra marketing effort?

The “10-Minute Marketing” program is a series of email-based lessons in which you’ll invest 10 minutes per day for roughly one week to become equipped with actionable steps toward greater marketing success. Plus, these email lessons are supported with audio and worksheet content you help you put what you learn into action

It may sound like a lot, but in the end, an investment of 10 minutes per day turns into 1 hour of learning that yields years of better outcomes.

In fact, clients have seen their new leads double, or even triple, in the first 90 days!

Worth a shot, wouldn’t you say? Getting this information the traditional way with virtual meetings and consultations would cost you well over $1500, but you can get this course for only $29.99!

Purchase the course now and let your path to more leads begin!

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What This Course Gives You

The “10-Minute Marketing” course is an exclusive and proprietary series of email-based lessons in which you’ll invest 10 minutes per day for roughly one week to become equipped with tactical steps toward greater marketing success. But, it’s more than just emails.

Informational Emails

Highly-detailed emails that provide easy to follow explanations and examples of best practices, pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Audio files created that fully explain all concepts as well as vibrant examples to build your marketing leads machine.


A quick “homework” assignment that will arm you with concrete takeaways to use and reference throughout.


There are a lot of marketing agencies, consultants and fly-by-night, so-called experts available to give advice on your marketing programs. The problem is that many of them haven’t been in your shoes and are able to understand what makes your business go. With more than 20 years experience working as a marketer, consultant and in an agency, we know what will make your business grow. Our unique perspective gives us the knowledge to know how to quickly fix your biggest pains. Chances are, we’ve probably built it, fixed it or started it – and we have the results to prove it works. Whether you need more customers, more revenue, or just better guidance, look to SpinVista as your trusted marketing advisor.

We have experience working with companies of all sizes, from startups building their marketing to companies looking to scale. Our expertise is derived from working in professional service industries, like accounting firms, financial services, telecom, and insurance, where competition is fierce and marketing needs to be on point. This course is built on those foundational areas from over 20 years of experience that are an absolute must (and often overlooked) to drive more leads, faster.

Get the 10-Minute Marketing Course for Only $29.99!
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