Why I Started SpinVista

Why I Started SpinVista

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time I ‘started’ SpinVista.  I originally launched this brand for my amateur photography venture 9 years ago.  I’ve enjoyed photography since high school and really excelled in capturing cool views of landscapes and cityscapes.  I just had to have a brand and not simply use my name…come on now, I’m a marketer!

During an impromptu collaboration session with a few friends before a weekend art show, we were discussing names and feelings and catchy word combinations that made absolutely no sense, but would stick in people’s minds.  One person was scanning through my travel photos and briefly remarked, “Wow, you really put an awesome spin on this landscape shot!”  That was it…I had my revelation.  Now, how could I make that happen?  Spin + Vista (= landscape), and SpinVista was born!

Sadly, SpinVista 1.0 went away once kids started to arrive and my true free time was dwindling, but I always had a great vision for the next generation of SpinVista being more than just photography.

Fast forward a few years and during my time on the Cleveland AMA Board, I was lucky enough to hold the President’s role for two years.  During that time, I was not just holding a board position representing the Cleveland marketing community, but more importantly acting as the liaison between agencies and marketers.  This is where I grew my network.  Cleveland AMA prides itself on having a butt for every seat, or a nice blend of marketers and agency folks at our events.  I strived to be the conduit between agencies and marketers for business.  In the process, I became a resource for both to review their marketing strategy and plans.  

As my network began to grow, so did the need for my services among marketers, agencies and business owners.  And it all revolved around three core areas: Strategy.  Execution.  Results.  This became my calling card in working with all three groups, which allowed me to gain trust, expertise and credentials around my work and my mission of being a true resource for marketers.

My vision for SpinVista 2.0 was a marketing brand with a narrow focus, but providing solutions from the eye of a marketer.  I want this to be a lean marketing machine with experts that focused solely on execution.  My core beliefs are simple:

Marketers need empathy and understanding

Corporate marketers have a tough job.  Everyone in your company is a marketer… or at least they think they are.  Budgets are tight.  Technology keeps evolving.  Demand for results are at an all-time high.  And, not to mention the average tenure for a CMO has dropped for the first time in a decade, which can lead to strategy changes and constant restructuring.  

Marketers want to work with someone who ‘gets’ it, offering strategic guidance and serving as a tactical expert who can organize your marketing activities, managing your agencies and/or execute your campaigns.  Direct marketing is often key and driving leads needs to be consistent.

Business owners need transparency and action

Anyone who owns a company is dealing with a million issues at one time, not to mention trying to grow their business.  There are never enough hours in the day.  You deal with the customers you have right now because it’s difficult to take a step back to prospect.  

In most cases, marketing is on the backburner.  Sure, you may be doing a few things, but is it sustainable?  Where do you start?  Tactics first, frills later.  Business owners need the transparency to know expectations and timelines along with realistic expectations.  Execution is most important, but strategy needs to be an underlying factor along with a true understanding of your business.  

Agencies need the next step

Your clients need specialized marketing support, from intimate knowledge of lead generation platforms to first-hand insights about what it is like to execute a corporate marketing campaign from the inside… but you don’t always have the expertise in house to speak to these things.  And many times, you are missing opportunities to solidify the client relationship.

SpinVista can be that perfect liaison, providing the strategic insights you need to maximize marketing campaign impact, improve perceptions of your agency’s expertise and grow your business.  We bring it altogether to drive more leads and better results.

It’s the passion for marketing and driving results that drives me.  I know there is a need for this type of marketing partner in the marketplace, but you can never anticipate the demand.   Stay tuned for more insights, best practices and case studies focusing on how to drive qualified leads and create sustainable marketing programs through our Marketing Leaks guide.  To quote Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.”  So what the hell, let’s see where this thing takes us!   Need to drive better results right now?  Let’s talk.

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